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Living Deaf

There are thousands of deaf and hearing impaired people living in every single country on our planet. Many of them exist in a community that, at the very least, lacks understanding of their special needs and requirements. At the worst they face prejudices and intolerance every single day.

This site is designed to educate those who have little understanding of deafness, d/Deaf culture and communication problems that those with hearing impairments face, as well as to promote a more healthy understanding and appreciation of what it means to be deaf and hearing impaired.

“In a room full of deaf people, it is the hearing person who is ‘disabled’!”

We hope to explore some of the problems that deaf and hearing impaired people face on a day-to-day level in terms of basic living skills and communication with the “outside” world, and to educate many people with some basic skills to assist deaf people with their needs and requirements in every-day situations.

We also hope to promote the idea that a “Universal Sign Language” should be established by the United Nations and used as the Universal Language (in place of Esperanto) which EVERYONE in the world should learn and be able to communicate with in addition to their own spoken languages. If you feel this is a wonderful idea, then please sign the petition under the Pages heading of “Universal Sign Language”